Christina Debs started her fine jewelry business in 2008. She was driven by a desire to rewrite classic luxury design for modern times. To understand the best jewelry ever created she dedicated herself to the studies of the art of jewelry and of jewelry making. She holds Diamond Grading certificates from GIA and HRD, as well as in jewelry from L'AFEDAP, L'Ecole de la rue du Louvre, and L'Ecole Boulle in Paris, where she lived for many of her formative years.

The inspiration for her eponymous collection emanates from meticulous studies she has done on how women adorned themselves since the early millennia. Her native roots are Phoenicia, the birth place of Princess Europa, who gave her name to EUROPE, and whose effigy now adorns all the currency bills of the EURO. The highly cultured life she lives between Beirut, Paris and New York and a passion for elegant, contemporary design are present in each of her groundbreaking creations.